Ian Hughes Photographer




Entered the world bum first and bright blue in Heswall, Merseyside, England.

Went to Art College in Wallasey, Merseyside with ambitions to be a cartoonist but left as a photographer. Taught by Tom Wood (one of the UK's great unsung documentary photographers, see link).




Became a Cruiseship Photographer based mainly in Miami. Worked on 15 ships over 8 years. Travelled around the United States & South America by buses in time off between ships. (See God Bless America and Love Boat Rejects pictures)



Came home to England. Moved to Brighton. Thought it would be an interesting base where I could photograph the quirkier side of life (it is). Worked in portrait studios and pro photo labs as colour hand printer. (See Only in Brighton pictures)



Got a one year working visa for Australia. Lived in Sydney for 6 months and worked at the Olympics. Travelled around Australia in a camper van for 5 months and China by train for a month. (See Australia pictures). Started thriving career in Data Entry at Seeboard (local gas board, now known as EDF Energy).


2003 - 2006

Did a 3 year degree in Editorial Photography at University of Brighton. Degree shows at Trumans Brewery, Brick Lane, London and at Grand Parade, Brighton. Exhibited Love Boat Rejects pictures at Terrace in Hackney, London.


2007 to present

Still working at EDF Energy call centre. Had pictures exhibited at The Lowry in Manchester for five months and at the Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery. Guest appearence on local radio station Radio Reverb. Signed to Photoshot picture agency. Still photographing life as it happens on a daily basis. Ongoing projects include Around The Floodlit Grounds, Never Mind The Horses & Walking All Over London.



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