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On the 14th June 2003 about 30 former cruiseship photographers got together for a reunion. The first of it's kind as far as I know and mostly made up of photographers who worked onboard Miami based ships for the Cruiseship Picture Company in the 1980's and 90's. We hope to do it again one day. Maybe in 2013 (10 years after the first one). Ed Badley,Dave Parker,Chris Harvey, Andy Rogers and the legendary 'Auntie' Trisha Cottam were all unable to make it but sent their best wishes. See if you recognise anybody below... See

Apologies for any wrong/forgotten name details.
Standing,Left to Right..... Stefan Reinert, Neil Andrews, Nigel & Sharron Atherton,
James, Simon Furlong, John Leca (green shirt), Scott "Elvis" Kapich (yellow shirt) & girlfriend,
Lawrence "Flo" Woolston, Rob Chappell, David Quixley, Paul Hoare & wife,
Alex Scaglia (white & brown shirt),Steve Taylor,
Bloke in blue t-shirt (not from ships, boyfriend of Leigh (black vest)),
Sabine - girlfriend of Greg "Taffy" Whyte (grey t-shirt), Warren Francis.

Sitting,Left to Right....... Lucie (next door neighbour), Helen Stewart, Bee (Alex' girlfriend),
Vinny (Rob & Caron's son), Caron (ex-Steiner), Chris (Caron's mate), Michelle (ex-Steiner),
Lianne FitzHugh (hostess, ex-casino), Nigel Schofield (black t-shirt with blue line),
Jason Healy (in front of Nigel S.), Gerry Collins, Leigh Barker (ex casino), Matt Taylor (ex-casino).
Not in picture...... Bob Nesbitt,wife Andi & baby Avi (and me Ian Hughes taking picture).

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